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Kaleidos 2024: Our year ahead

Only a few weeks ago, many in the West had never heard of the Bab al-Mandab Strait or the Houthis. As the crisis in the region deepens, effectively forcing 12% of the global trade to be rerouted through the Cape, one can see just how unpredictable global trade can be.  


Though uncertainty is always certain in international trade, we are happy to say that Kaleidos has so far not been affected by these developments. This is mainly attributed to Brazil’s geographically blessed location (our shipping routes do not go through Suez), which means our shipping costs remain largely unaltered. Notwithstanding, we remain committed to continuing to carve out our niche with practicality and a down-to-earth approach to business in 2024. Let’s have a look at what we are planning to do this year below:


1. We are in the final stages of sending our first modular houses, particularly A-frames, from the EU to Brazil. These modern and sustainable living spaces will be introduced to the Brazilian countryside in partnership with local resorts and property owners who wish to offer their guests a unique travel experience.

2. Kaleidos is also currently diving into the world of Amazonian products, where we are partnering up with local communities to bring eco-friendly alternatives to traditional industrial goods to Europe. Whether it's natural fibres or cosmetics, the Amazon holds a wealth of sustainable options. By bringing these products to the global market, we are not just promoting sustainability—we are also supporting indigenous communities and protecting their ecosystems.

3. A potential entry into the world of olive oil later in the year: The EU produces over 2/3 of the World’s olive oil, and there is a growing appetite for premium, authentic products in Brazil. Hence, it would make little sense not to facilitate this bridge.


Kaleidos remains all about partnerships. We believe in working together for mutual benefit, so we will continue building bridges, breaking down barriers, and creating opportunities for those involved. If you would like to join us and be a part of this journey, contact us today.


As we navigate the ever-changing nature of global trade in 2024, we will continue to support our clients and partners with the resolve and determination they should expect. Keep your eye out for further updates, as this year will be a busy one.


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